Thursday, 17 January 2013

The first bump in the road...

In mid-December, I made the commitment to be more conscious of my eating (and drinking) habits in order to get back to my WW goal weight (and then some).  Every pound I shed is a pound less I am the water, on the bike, on my feet.  I am pleased to say that I am seeing success (albeit in small increments) but I can be patient.  My goal right now is to get under my goal weight by the Around the Bay race at the end of March.

Along with my new found resolve, I committed to get back to a regular training schedule starting at the beginning of the year (after a month vacation in Australia and the holiday season).  My renewed positive mental attitude has definitely translated into my workouts - specifically in the pool and in my runners.  I have been enjoying strong swims and runs and all is good with the world.

That is until a muscle seizure put me on the sideline for running for the last week - not what I needed when I was riding that high.  After a very mini meltdown with my coach, she put things into perspective for me.  My target race is IM Florida - period.  Any other racing I get to do on my way there is a bonus.  It is January and my race is November.  This is fixable.  Of course it is - breathe a sigh of relief.

So I am doing my first pool run tomorrow and have made massage and physio appointments over the next few days.  Fingers crossed that this bump in the road is a small one and I'll be back on the complete path in no time.

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