Tuesday, 16 April 2013

4.15.13 - Boston

So today's the day for me to update my blog and talk about my first week of Ironman training.  With the events in Boston yesterday, it seems very selfish of me to go on about how great my first week went, how I loved getting outside on my bike, how I could have easily swam 4k this morning.

So I write with a heavy heart and a fire in my soul - the monsters who perpetrated this horrific act on innocent people cannot win.  They win if we give up.  They win if we do not move forward and prove to them that they are nothing more than the cowards that they are.  They will not win - I refuse to let them.

One of my friends rode with me last night and she told me that she had qualified for Boston but had decided not to go (she's been before) - she has a guardian angel watching out for her.  My coach is going to qualify for Boston this year, which means I'll be there cheering her on next year.

We all have to continue to run (and swim and bike) to honour those victims of Boston and show that we stand united in the face of evil.  Continuing to do what we love is the best tribute we can give.  We can't change what has happened, but we have the power to change how we react to it.

So I'm going to run tonight - while it's only a 30 minute speed run, it is for Boston - it is for all of us in our running family.  We are united.

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