Friday, 14 June 2013

IM Training - Becoming Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable

It has been a while since my last post (my apologies but I am a little preoccupied with something call IM training).  However, it has been brought to my attention that this blog will be a meaningful keepsake when all is said and done after November 2.  It also might give others a sneak peek into this insanity.

I have completed two months of IM training (April & May) and am well into June.  For the sake of brevity, here is a Reader's Digest version of my first two months of training:


I must admit that I was quite nervous when April 8 rolled around and I officially started this journey.  Having never done anything remotely like this, the burning question is - will I be able to do Ironman?  Will I be able to finish?

Because I am in my base phase, the workouts were not overly hard compared to some of my previous training.  While I know this is the "honeymoon" stage, it gave me a sense of comfort that I could do what had to be done and survive.  That, along with some soul searching discussions with my coach, gave me the seed of an idea that is germinating in my brain - I can do this.  I can finish.

Over the winter, I have not been in a good place with my running (for various reasons).  With the onset of IM training, something seemed to click in my brain and I ended up with some wicked runs, including PB's at a 5k and 10k race and a third place podium finish (at the 5k) to boot!  I was some happy camper.

Training review - 310k / 34:34 hours / 45 workouts


In May, I settled more into the routine of 6 days training / 1 day off - how I relish Mondays!  My distances were creeping up slowly, along with my confidence in my abilities.  I train with a wonderful group of people who are the most supportive crew on the planet.  They ran the Good Life Marathon / Half Marathon on May 5 and my coach and I were their cheerleaders.  I didn't race because it isn't in my schedule - I have quickly learned that if it isn't in the schedule, the answer is no (and for good reason). 

My swim is my challenge in this sport, but I know that evey time I am in the water, I am getting better - no matter what water, no matter for how long.  Someone in the pool actually asked me for some technique advice because "I am such a good swimmer" - best compliment ever!! :-)

Training review - 452k / 34:36 hours / 39 workouts

June to date

This month, my coach told me that she is going to push me on my bike because she knows what a strong athlete I am and what my capabilities are.  She said something that has also taken seed in my brain - Ironman is not about being comfortable, it is about being outside your comfort zone...a lot

So with that seed planted, this week I decided to try to be more comfortable with being uncomfortable.  This has translated into a great speed workout on Tuesday night, a wicked bike ride on Wednesday night and an awesome Z3 run last night (besides some great pool drill sessions).  Weeks like this encourage that little seed of believing to grow, and grow it will.

Build phase of my training starts on June 17 - I will increase to three swims per week (3k each) and my Saturday bike rides get longer.  On June 23, I am participating in a 100k cycle to raise funds for Carpenter Hospice with my training family.  On June 25 (a mere two days later), I am racing the Peachbud 10k and I'm looking for a PB (sub 57:25) - fingers crossed!

So that's the journey so far - while it is a long road ahead (4 months 19 days to IM Florida), I am enjoying the experience and I'm sure I will be a better person because of it.

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